Second 20s
  • 채널정보tvN
  • 방영기간2015.08.28 ~ 2015.10.17
  • 연출Kim Hyung-shig
  • 극본Soh Hyun-kyung
  • 출연Choi Jiwoo, Yi Sang-yoon, Choi Won-yeong, Sohn Na-eun, Bak Hyoju

 Ha No-ra once dreamed of becoming a dancer, but she unexpectedly became pregnant at age 19 and had to quit school and get married. For the next two decades, her life revolved around being a housewife and mother. Now 38 years old and on the brink of divorce, No-ra is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and given a six-month prognosis. So she decides to go back to school and experience college life for the first time.[13] Among the incoming freshmen are her own 20-year-old son Kim Min-soo and his girlfriend Oh Hye-mi, who are horrified to have No-ra as their classmate. Unbeknownst to No-ra, her intellectual snob husband Kim Woo-chul recently accepted a job teaching psychology at the same university, and her prickly theater arts professor turns out to be Cha Hyun-seok, who had a crush on No-ra in high school.